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Donate to St Peter's Upper Riccarton & Yaldhurst

At St Peter's Upper Riccarton & Yaldhurst, we rely on the generosity of our members and supporters to continue our mission. Your donation can help us in many ways, from maintaining our church to supporting our community outreach programmes. 

Ways to donate:

In Person

If you prefer to donate in person, we welcome you to join us for our services and make a donation then. You can also visit our church office during office hours to make a donation.


If you wish to send us money directly through your bank, please use the information below.

Bank: Bank of New Zealand
Upper Riccarton Christchurch

Account Number: 

If you would like to make an enquiry about donating, please contact our office


Help us restore our
St Peter's building

We need your help. St Peter’s Anglican Church plays a significant role in the community. The oldest Anglican stone church in the city of Christchurch, St Peter’s Anglican Church is connected with approximately a dozen community groups. Listen to David Winfield talk about the project. Also, listen to Nick Mountfort and David Winfield talk to a CTV reporter about the restoration project.

Restoration Target

Current: $2,330,191

Target: $2,460,000

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 1.40_edited.png

From the time that the considerable damage caused by the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes had been assessed, the parishioners at St Peter's were determined to maintain their 150 year plus links to the site and put the church back on Church Corner.

The refurbishment of this special church provides St Peter's with a historic and visible space for community activities to take place and for the congregation to meet and worship.

Thanks to our Supporters

Trust & Grant Supporters

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 1.50.53 PM.png

Significant Gifts














Race Day Supporters

Avon City Ford

Barnswood Farm 

Couplands Bakery

de Spa Cosmetics


The Fleming Family - Bhima Throughbred 

Murfitt Family (Corin Murfitt, Phil Murfitt)

RA Shearing Contractors

Riccarton Stud, Corin Murfitt and

Sherrill and Geoff Moreton 

Sherrill Moreton


Living Stones

Hugh Tennent

Paul C Rhodes

Bob Shearing

David & Jo Winfield

Corin & Bobbity Murfitt

ME Sheaf

Nick Mountfort & Rosemary Talbot

Bill & Jane Gilroy

Ray Coupland

Robin & Jocelyn McSporran

Pat Murfitt

Carole Graham & Tony Courage

Murray and Irene Humm

Jennifer Calder 

Neroli Allen 

Rosemary Jones 

I.B. Balloch

P Ledingham

Sue Robb

Ken & Bea James

Michelle & Geoff Butler 

Anne & David Boyd

SueAnne Reinish

Marilyn Dempster

Sally and Warren Dobbs

Dennys & Gwen Guild

TW Burrows

Philip and Adrienne Robinson 

Mike & Gaynor Clayton

Heather Shaw

Michael Boxall

D. Reyland

P.M. Dinwiddie

Tony & Jenny Dotulong

Neil Paintin 

WY Haines

VK Chung

St Peter's Excercise Class

The Estate of Olive Jones 

Chantal Moreton

Margaret Kent

Hugh & Janice Cheeseman

Janet Noonan

K.C. & B.R. James 

Geoffrey Beadel

Gerald Lascelles

Lindy Gilbert

Stephanie Wild 

Dr. Robert Boyd

Haydn & Adeline Hill

Leigh and Tony Craythorne

Graham and Janet Allen

Gayle Groves

Elizabeth Goodwin

Megan Woods

Fay and Fergus Gillon

Beryl Richardson

Chris & Helen Parry-Jennings

Individual Giving

Adeline Wu

Michelle Butler

H.B. Ambler

J.M. McQuarrie

E.F. Laugesen

Fay Mangos

J.M. Bonniface

W.A. Wright

G.F. Hight

P.J. Chamberlain

Trebilco family

B.G Haberfield

C Scanlan

E Geary

E.Y. Hill

C.A. Tse

D.J. Osborne

P Robinson

Pamela Galbraith

Mrs P. Harrison

Margaret Kent

Judith Bylett

Thelma Chalk

Don Donnithorne

Luoman Li

Xiounuan De

Simon Apes

Ron Godkin

Janet Baldwin

Olga Holloway

Keith & Jean Ross

Ashley Leggatt

Gary Wolf

Paul Grundy

Jill Lyall

P & S Dinwiddie

Kevin McCrea

Lion Breweries

Audrey Potter

Arthur & Julia Northcote

Milly Varty

Liz Moolenaar

D.M. Lang

Sue Bridges

Anne Askey

Derrick Jacob

Maurice Nicholas

NS Hollingworth

G & E Cant

AE Risley

J Nuthall

TJ & DB Rout

Liz Moollenaar

Kylie Malin

J Bylett

L Gilbert

S Barrer

Rory Creagh

M.L. Johnston

A Woods

MD & DM Gillies

F.A. Richards


Wayne Wang

Peter Bebb

St. Peter's Cathedral in Adelaide, Australia

St Peter's Anglican Church in West End, QLD, Australia

NZGSM Presentation Community

Multi Cultural Ministry Group

Mark Milke & Janet Bray

Sio Siua Mai

Nurse Maude Association

Joseph & Sandra McDowell

Vicki Buck

JA & FA Strachan

John Higgins

A & A Trolove

A & E Kinraid

Sheldine Pennington

M McIndoe

Noeline Coutts

Valerie McBride

Graeme Larkin

Joan Green

Viola Port

Keith Spragg

Margaret Morton

S Baker

J Hoy

H.L. Cliffin

R & Z Polson

Neil McLeod

St Peter's AAW 

Eyline Optical

Kaikoura parish

Mataka Residents Assoc

Evening Fellowship

Keeping Good Company

Audrey's Singers

Mayfair Resthome

Homestead Ilam

Maples Lifecare

HD Farm Direct

St Peter's Church, Chester, UK

Methodist Church

Barbara Clarke

SD & B Bristowe

Frank D Whillis

Audrey's Entertainers

All those who have donated anonymously and in memory of loved ones and friends, thank you.

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